Sunday, 26 September 2010

knit knit knit

sooo, had another month of ups and downs.. THANKFULLY everything seems to be returning to a decent level of normal!
Back to uni on monday, nervous as hell! soo scarred that am not going to be able to keep up with the work load! and also be able to pull my work up to a high standard.

Got a wedding to attend on the 30th! wooo! excited to see 2 of my beautiful friends finally tie the knot! and hopefully im going to be able to attend.. looking forward to going home for a quick weekend, but not looking forward to the 14hours travel each way yuk!

Regardless, ill get to see my mam and family!
Been attempting to making a scarf in the hope i may be able to make some xmas pressies for a bit cheaper than i could buy the for. Not looing forward to having no money for xmas, but hopefully one f the hundred of soo part time jobs ive applied for will have me! means i can afford to fly home for xmas not bus it and also buy something nice for my poor mam who has to put up with me hehehe

anyway im off to finish knitting. just over half away with this scarf! its looking pretty good even if i do say so myself! just want it done now so i can wear it out and test it he he.


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