Saturday, 3 October 2009

Well everyones getting one of these................ and so should i?

Its almost 4am on a saturday, no sunday morning. Im bored, cold and hungry..... after many hours on facebook being a stalker to new and old, i feel its time for a change of scene if only for a wee while.

everyone is getting one of these stupid blog things.. am not quite sure how i feel about putting my private thoughts/feelings/and work idea out there to the world. But i thought id give it a try.
Might be like cheap therpy for the illiterate.

who ever you may be, if you do deside to "follow me" down the the garden path of my mind you will soon discover that i cannot spell and i am also too lazy to correct my terrible spelling and typos.

and that seldom do i make much scene.

i talk/type as the words come out of my head soo oftern i am jumbled and i oftern put my foot right in it.
Im also faaaaaaaaaaar to lazy to proof read soo.

im bored of this already

peace out!


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